Aaron Bhattachan

Aaron Bhattachan is a Senior at Seven lakes High School invested in areas regarding business, public health, and leadership. 

Since high school, he has qualified for the 2018-2019 FBLA Nationals for Marketing and he is currently working with mentors from the University of Houston to create a research paper about Triple Bottom Line organizations within world economics. After the Nepal Earthquake, he worked to make clean water more accessible for rural communities by fundraising and supplying filtration devices. Additionally, he has recently traveled to Nepal to host a 3-week long camp to teach kids about the importance of dental hygiene. He was also selected for the prestigious Summer Research Program offered by Baylor College of Medicine, assisting research efforts within epidemiology and epilepsy.  

He is a part of the Leadership Council for the Seven Lakes Soccer Program, served as 2 time Class Officer, earned the Congressional Presidential Award for community service, and is currently an officer of the Spanish National Honor Society. In his free time, he enjoys giving soccer lessons, photography, and playing the guitar.